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Your Business,

Your Phone System.

Keep the features you love, and GAIN the ones you’ll need.

Use the tools that make you the most productive.


Read about how Marwood Metal has increased capacity while enjoying the productivity benefits of BrantTel Business Phone.

Testimonial - Business Phone, Marwood Metal

Keep the features you love, and add productivity

Includes paging systems, analog door phones and other business technologies that you can’t be without. This solution supports it all.

Stay In Touch Wherever You Are

Support multiple devices on a single number so you’re always reachable, in the office or on the go.

Communicate how you want to!

Use the built in platforms for instant messaging, video and the classic phone call

We’re ready to help you design a business phone system that is customized to your needs and we make sure you get to keep your favourite features, that your business uses the most!

With Business Phone – Powered by Avaya IP Office – we can help you determine precisely what mix of Cloud or On-Premises features will best enable your business to succeed and our proven team will make deployment a breeze.


BrantTel’s Business Phone Advantages

Delivering you Options – Choose a deployment style, or mix them up to suit your needs


  • at your location
  • supports analog and fax
  • no recabling
  • enhanced reliability


  • server required
  • your office or hosted
  • home & mobile workers
  • advanced collaboration


  • hosted in the Cloud
  • up and running in days
  • no equipment on-site
  • home & mobile workers
  • advanced collaboration

Keep the features you love and GAIN the ones you’ll need!

  • Flexibility & Scalability for Seasonality and Year on Year Growth
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Financial models that work for your business
  • Off-Balance Sheet Financing – Choose per user per month – or one time purchase
  • Future Innovation Readiness for Enhanced Communication and Collaboration
  • One Number Reach (Desk, Mobile, PC)
  • Work from Anywhere with a full Desktop Client
  • Full Mobile app for iOS and Android

Improve the Staff & Customer Experience

  • Conferencing Included (Phone & Web)
  • Team Apps – Advanced Collaboration
  • Mobile apps for workers on the go
  • Delivered to you as a Service
  • Don’t ever worry about hardware or software
  • Support and line costs built in (cloud only)

Wondering What’s next?

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